Every Art Needs a Plan — DP Mavia

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The Ideas of art can drop in your heart or mind from a place of spontaneity or from an unknown inspiration center. In order to develop work or works of art, in order for you to pursue a career or a repertoire you must do that by following a plan.

Unplanned Art

Unplanned art might be nice for a while but soon you may be caught up in the rut of waiting for the mythical muse. The muse may likely show up when he/she sees you have ritualized the discipline of creating.

A simple audit of every moment(s) we experience will show that it is determined by the kind of thinking we invest in every passing minute. These investments should reflect the integrity of our creative journey. Creative outcomes sometimes look like they have come from a haven of happenstance. They look like beautiful uncoordinated chaos. But Creativity that endures is thoughtful creativity.

A Good Art Plan ….

Creativity and art that endures makes a demand on the artist to take responsibility and identify with the creating/creation process. The artist’s journey might be laced with unforeseen windings and adventure or sometimes misadventures. These stations are those that make this journey anticipatory.

A good plan for your art is not a guarantee for excellent art or journey. A good plan for your art is the excuse nipper for not starting to create art. It is the soft rebuke that reminds you to create. It is also the hard rebuke that reminds you what you should have created if you decide not to start.

The Plan to Start

You have to decide to start. You may not have an elaborate plan — but most of all if the only plan you have is to start, that will be a sufficient seed of an oak of an art to look forward to. If you want to be consistent you must plan to start every day. This will make good play for you to have a good plane for consistency. At the moment it is not grand art you are aiming for but a simple daily grand process.

The Good Pain of Art

Art eventually must be made. Jean Paul Satre once said ‘if I do not write today, I feel pain, if I miss to write tomorrow I feel more pain’ (Read and Write — An Autobiography). If we fail to ‘feel pain’ when we miss to make art then what joy are we looking forward to. Satre considered his writing to be in service to humanity as a knight would be to a kingdom. Maybe the plan to make art might just work if we saw it as of service to humanity.

Get up, feel some sweet pain, slip out of bed and draft out a plan for today. Just today. Some art must be made today.




Tengeneza means 'Make' in Swahili. This is a space for Makers. I reside in Nairobi, Kenya —iamtengeneza@gmail.com — buy my ebook Make Art — http://gum.co/vqTIY

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DP Mavia

DP Mavia

Tengeneza means 'Make' in Swahili. This is a space for Makers. I reside in Nairobi, Kenya —iamtengeneza@gmail.com — buy my ebook Make Art — http://gum.co/vqTIY

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