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I graduated with a Degree in Education and was legally given power to be a High School Literature teacher. I met one of my Lecturer years afterwards and she confessed that the Degree was designed to nurture us to be Literally Critics not Teachers of Literature. It did not matter because the good damage had already been delivered securely into my cerebral DNA. Tucked under every pursuit was the germ for a Socio Cultural Critic, which was inspired by the remaining dregs of my Linguistics and Phonetics lessons. It was difficult to observe and mitigate case studies without asking…

Points on How to Activate The Viable Threat

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In Read and Write Jean Paul Satre’s biography he sites that he is like a knight in shining armor for his audience. He says he saves them by writing. If he does not write he feels pain and the more he procrastinates the more intense the pain becomes.

Jean has found a way of inducing the progressive dreadful threat that will enable him to make art. A viable threat is a system that an art maker designs or concocts to make sure that quality art is produced regularly. …

How to train your Brain to produce a Mind.

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Dr. Carol Dweck is a Mindset expert. In she wrote the book Mindset: The New Psychology of Success (2006). The big takeaway in her groundbreaking work is the difference between a Growth Mindset and a Fixed Mindset. Primarily the argument is, one mindset looks for ways of going around and avoiding challenges while the growth mindset embraces the challenge of scaling and solving problems.


Everyone who carries a hammer they will see every problem as a nail. In equal measure for everyone with a mind that embraces challenges they will…

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Most people have lodged in the mind the adage that ‘you take calculated risks’. How can true risk be calculated? This presupposes that there needs to be a certain if not sufficient information that makes you take a risk.

The truth is, you cannot jump blindly into a pursuit or quest and call it risk. You need different levels of information to warrant such an attempt.

Knowledge of Self

Apart from being overzealous and self confident a man or woman persuaded of an idea seldom thinks they will fail at it. I have seen people queuing all day in an…

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Mentoring is slowly but surely becoming a marketplace by word. Mentoring is important but modern-day market spaces have easily turned it into more of a product or a program than a necessary component of cross-relational value. The most common narrative of mentoring is the old versus the young. It is seen as a transference of curated wisdom to make it easier for the coming generations to thrive and prosper. Mentoring is becoming a learned skill set, meaning there are ways and methods acquired that can help a Mentor be a skillful disseminator of both virtue and value to a mentee.


I have been gazing at the white space and tapping my keyboard without writing a word for the last two months. I had this incredible idea that this year my writing would be hard and regular. The sweetness of reading about writing has the deceptive side of thinking that reading about writing is writing itself. After you have read and been ‘inspired’ you perspire under the guilt of not writing the next morning and become a writer who defines himself in the ‘wish’ tense (I wish I had written).

So a buddy who went under just called and wants me to write. He does not just want me to write, he wants me to write for some small stipend. He does not just want me to write anything. He wants me to write a tribute of an actress, an actress who just won best supporting slot this morning (African time) — Lupita Nyong’o, (or Niioongo pronounced Hollywood style).

So I have asked him, how much, how long, what’s my deadline? And he has gone quiet so I decided to write for some time and just get back my groove…

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I the other day I wrote a short article titled Discipline as A support System for Art and Creativity. A full reading can be found when you click on the link. In the article I highlighted that Art needs discipline and commitment for it to see the light of day. I also noted that the term Discipline draws out feelings and expressions of gruel some labor and bittersweet experiences. For discipline to be bearable and have a spice of grace it needs the unassuming jab of Value — this is what this article is about.

Why — The Question of…

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The Ideas of art can drop in your heart or mind from a place of spontaneity or from an unknown inspiration center. In order to develop work or works of art, in order for you to pursue a career or a repertoire you must do that by following a plan.

Unplanned Art

Unplanned art might be nice for a while but soon you may be caught up in the rut of waiting for the mythical muse. The muse may likely show up when he/she sees you have ritualized the discipline of creating.

A simple audit of every moment(s) we experience…

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Art is thinking and production. Art is theory and practice. Sometimes there are seasons of production of art, where we get stuck to produce or even to conceptualize art. I have found myself starring into the blank page hoping that something will be triggered or inspire some form of creative process. Sometimes I do self-sabotage and stick in the rut of not making art for a while. That’s is not good. Because when that happens I feel like I am not being benign. There are many reasons we can attribute to the ‘stuckness’ we encounter when we need to make…

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I have just published a book and the excitement of having it distributed is great. This has been a long awaited process finally bearing fruit and lending itself to public consumption. Good reviews have trickled in so far and those, they can be quite elating. But with equal measure remarks have followed that have ranged from harsh and sometimes disheartening. Critics are present, alive and kicking well. In the midst of making art we get aimed at both pleasantly and unpleasantly sometimes with deep sour distaste. …

DP Mavia

Tengeneza means 'Make' in Swahili. This is a space for Makers. I reside in Nairobi, Kenya —iamtengeneza@gmail.com — buy my ebook Make Art — http://gum.co/vqTIY

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